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Green Seal Certified

Richardson Jumpstarters has been making the commitment to the environment for years by recycling all our parts and plastic. By providing clean battery power we eliminate extra co2 emissions caused by gas powered jumpstarters.

Let Richardson Build Your Jumpstarter

Many great ideas that have shaped Richardson’s growth over 30 years have come from our customers. You all had different needs jumpstarting a wide variety of vehicles. This is why we build each jumpstarter to meet your specific requirements. You pay for the features needed and nothing more. All jumpstarters pass through our assembly line and parts are modular and interchangeable. Features may easily be added in the future.

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GX Series

GX Series GX-12S, GX-12SA, GX-12SAHD, GX-12/24, GX-18

The GX series is our biggest selling commercial-grade jumpstarter to car lots, auto auctions and individuals who want to buy only the best. It stores in a small space and easily maneuver in crowded areas like rows of vehicles in lots or garages.

Revolution Series

Revolution Series REVX-12/24S , REVX-18 , REVX-18/30S, REVX-30SM

We have for many years strived to produce the safest and most powerful jumpstarters. We have accomplished this with 30 years of manufacturing jumpstarters and lots of research and development. We apply science to jumpstarting to protect your employees.

Infinity Military

Infinity MilitaryReady Jumpstaters

Full safety protection from shorts, and reverse connections.

Monitoring of all operational and temperature parameters.

Auto self test on opening with display annunciation.

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